Sorry, [AppName] is already taken!

Hello All, iam a new user in and i dont know any things and i need help you.

I have the follow problem:

I create a new app called “MotoFrete” with a canvas layout but then i deleted it because the bubble create a lot of things i didn’t need.

Now i’m trying to create a new project with the same name but i’m not succeeding because says the project alrery exists.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

Hi there @jcleonis,

There’s no way to create another app with the same name after you delete it (there’s a warning about this when you delete it).

You’ll need to pick a different app name



Picking up on @johnny great guidance

Your Bubble app name will not be useful when going live with your domain. You can use any name you wish as this will not play any role with end users. It is just for your own internal use only.


Tank you very much everyone!

During password reset, the user gets an email from [appname] Thus, the user experience depends a bit on the app name. It would be confusing if users would get an email from “” for a password reset for an app called MotoFrete.

If you don’t want to reconfigure your apps email options and if you don’t want your users to be confused from the senders email during password reset, maybe use a similar name like: Moto-Frete (adding a dash) or MotoFreteApp or anything else you can think of that isn’t already taken.

Edit: When I was sure about my apps name, I just copied the app (see image below) with a more suitable name and downgraded the old app plan (I did it a day before the scheduled payment). Then I just upgraded the new app. I had to reinstall some custom plugins but it was nothing too difficult. This also copied the database records to the new app. However, keep in mind that any uploaded files weren’t transferred to the new app. This wasn’t an issue in my case as I had only uploaded very few files.


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