Sort a filtered Repeating Group by multiple criteria

I need to sort a repeating group that may or may not be filtered by multiple criteria. The trouble I’m having is I’m only able to sort by specific columns (fields in the database). I cannot sort by a list of “something”, the something could be a text or number.

I’ll attach a screenshot of my Data type’s fields.

You see I cannot sort by Age, Country or Source

Secondly I’ll need to sort the Repeating group by multiple criteria, eg. Sort Country and Name alphabetically, and Age by increasing value. I know there’s a solution that involves using multiple RG however this will not work for me because I might have 20 columns so I cannot make 20 RGs.
Any other solutions?

Also, I’m also aware of this post

where @emmanuel says they don’t support sorting by multiple criteria, but that was back in 2016. Is there no update on this?

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