Sort Repeating Groups By time (HELP)

Hey Guy and girls

Ive been trying to figure out how i can sort my repeating groups by the time on the appointment

for example



I’ve saved the start time as a date/time (data)

If you have saved it as date/time (assuming you are not saving the appointment values as “current date” - and rather saving them as the specific date of the appointment)

  • then you should be able to just sort by start time and have the descending value = yes or no

Have you tried filling out the descending value?
It is empty in your screenshot…

I have tried filling in the Descending value Field to (Yes and No) with no success

iiiiinteresting. How are you saving the Start time exactly; you are saving time, day and month ?

I would try two things to start:

  1. rather than including “sorted by” in your data source - I would just put “Search for appointments” as your data source, then specify that it is being sorted by “Dynamic data” - Search for appointments start/time - descending = yes

  2. Same as 1^ - except play around with Dynamic data being: “Current date time (minus) Search for appointments start time” …

I’m not sure what the answer is yet. I know sorting a Repeating group by created date is very easily doable as a default function - and all that is is a date/time data field. So the sorting should recognize a custom date/time data field in the same way…

Wait… Try

Data source = search for appointments

sorted by: “dynamic field”
= do a search for appointments formatted as date time (Hour/minute only)

But that would still present an issue with days possibly - if you were wanting to sort by days as well; so maybe have alternative conditions on that repeating group for different days or something.

Maybe that will work. Possibly not though, hard to say.

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Sorry its its taken a while to reply i through i posted this yesterday just log back on and its still sitting here hahaha,

Im saving the Start time with the date/time picker.

I’ve given both options a go and still no success yet i think i my have to change how I’m saving the data

and thank you for helping jordanfaucet

No worries man! Hopefully you find a solution

do try to get it to “Start time formatted as hour/minute” though somewhere within your search/sort criteria - I’m fairly confident that would work… Something like that anyway.

  • the trick is to isolate your sorting so that the algorithm is only interested in the hour/minute (as your screenshot suggests) - by default the date/time data field is likely storing many different variables (month, year, seconds etc)


I have a similar issue. Just that mine doesn’t even show the option for descending or not :confused: Any advice?
It’s a repeating group with a button and a label per cell. They’re both from a list item and belong together in the data. (image assigned to name)

Anyone, please? :slight_smile:
I just want to sort it alphabetically (the Type ‘travel style’ contains text and icon)

There is no option to sort alphabetically right now, unfortunately.
Is your data user generated; or do you curate it yourself?

If it is user generated - you may need to think of displaying your data in a different way.

If you generate the travel styles yourself; you can add an additional field in the “travel style” data.
A numerical field that will represent the alphabetization.

Then you can sort your data by the numerical field (descending will be an option then - right now it is not, because sorting a string of text by a descending value can’t be computed).

you would do this:
1 = A
2 = B
3 = C etc etc

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It’s self curated, so I will try this. Thank you! :slight_smile:
Really a shame that there is not alphabetical sorting yet. Would be sooo helpful!

Turns out you can sort alphabetically. I just was trying to sort a list of texts, instead of texts. Not sure if you understand what I mean? :thinking:

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Oh - nice! Very good.
I didn’t know.

So you sort by text - then is the “descending” option there?

That make sense actually. I know you can sort alphatically in Excel.
So I guess you CAN descend text!


Ah ya - “descending” totally makes.
I was wrong

For some reason descending in my mind meant numbers exclusively; but I guess a computer reads letters as numbers…
and A-Z / Z-A the words “ascending/descending” totally make sense.

Well that’s great though.

I have a list of static entries that I was going to pre-sort alphabetically myself - at a later point.
Obviously I don’t have to do that :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good that we solved this! haha