Special Discount on Bubble Coaching Sessions - Now Only $75!

Hello Bubble Enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce a special limited-time offer on our Bubble coaching sessions at Solve your issue in a single call!. Whether you’re a startup, entrepreneur, or business owner looking to optimize your Bubble app, this is the perfect opportunity to get expert guidance at a fraction of the cost.

What’s included:

  • 2-hour personalized coaching session
  • Regular Price: $200
  • Special Discounted Price: $75

Our coaching sessions are designed to help you:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Bubble.io
  • Solve specific issues with your web applications
  • Empower you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your project’s impact

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get top-notch coaching at an unbeatable price. Visit Quodless Coaching to book your session today!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information.

Happy Bubbling!

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@saeed set the price and who are we to argue against it? And please stop ruining other people’s posts. It’s starting to get annoying. FYI, I have reported the above comment to the admins.

With love from Paris!


Not gonna argue. I can see that you removed your post and I appreciate that.
P.S. I am from Pakistan.

On what topic you are arguing bros … @deejay.shani @247bubble

Actually bro Mr Ahmed always pulls me down,
I always speak truth and some people hate it, previously in other topics i spoke openly and truly which fired some people

There’s a difference between speaking the truth and trolling for no reason. Your comment did not add any value to the audience. Instead it was insulting and not called for. Please refrain from commenting if you can not add value. This is a professional platform and not a trolling competition.


There is no point arguing with him, Mahesh. Men win contracts, boys win arguments. Let him win this argument.

@saeed I’m sorry that this topic got derailed. Please feel free to delete this topic and post again.

Which country that borders India is better?

I don’t understand your question fully.

But with indias bordering countries are Pakistan, Afghanistan, China , Tibet, Bangladesh, manyanmar.

And all of these countries have issues with India and India have issues with them.

Overall South Asia have issues with each other.

@fede.bubble probably a good idea to incorporate some sort of AI comment filtering so Bubblers aren’t exposed to this kinda bs.


It wasn’t really a question. More or less a sarcastic remark as to what are they arguing about.

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Ohhhhhhhh, still a question worth answering

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