Specify commit message on GitHub sync?

This is rather dev-specific, so I wasn’t sure if it belonged in the Ideas forum, but… it’d be really nice to be able to specify a commit message when sync’ing plugin code with GitHub.

Can you elaborate? When you sync with Github from your plugin your commits or any form of log is not shown in the plugin. The commits are listed in github with 7 didget reference…where would you expect to show the message and for what reason?

Hi @Bubbleboy, thanks for the reply. What I’m saying is that every Bubble plugin commit on GitHub simply says “Automatic commit from Bubble”, which is not very helpful when browsing the commit history. If there was a single text input for a commit message on the Bubble plugin page above the Synchronize with GitHub button, that would be great.

The whole point of commit messages is to provide a short description of exactly what changed in the code since the last commit.

Click on the commit 7 didget reference in GITHUB and you’ll see there is the option to add notes etc and a button “comment on this commit”