App slower after upgrade to professional subscription

Hi there,

I am 10 days away from the launch date, I have upgraded my app to a professional subscription, the issue now it feels slower after the upgrade, whether on the live or the development mode.

what might I be doing wrong?

Check your dB model and other aspects on performance

Trust me I have been through all of that :sweat_smile: before and after creating my app, but again I may have done something wrong, thats why I am looking for a expert who can audit my app and let me know from her/his experience what I may have done wrong and how I may improve it, so if anyone have a recommendation of someone who can help me with this please mention their contact info here so i can get untouch with and see how this may go :blush:

and also these references are great, they gave me ton of knowledge, but each app and its requirements are different, every data model is way different from the other, specially when the app has lots or relational DBs

Your app may feel slower after the upgrade, but there’s no way it actually is slower after the upgrade. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m guessing you know about Bubble’s coach’s page (hmm, that looks like a Bubble expression), and I’m sure one of those folks would be able to help you out.


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The coaching was a good option at the beginning, but not for this case, I guess to audit the site in the coaching environment I will need atleast 15 session, which is impractical because A) most of the coaches are busy nowadays, B) it would be too expensive with no guarantee of the outcome, so I prefer if someone who is an expsrt, who has a proven record in developing performant app to consider my request as a task with guaranteed quality of output ( i.e. detailed audit report, doable recommendations, proven tests, etc.)