Bubble icons look strange

the icons look strange, some are not seen only a box appears.




I noticed this sometimes too with a slow internet connection. Once my page loads then the icons go back to normal. Does that happen with you too?

that same thought me although my connection to the internet had no problems, but I analyzed it with another connection to the internet in other devices and the same thing happens.


A few questions - Is this in /version-test/ or live environment? Also to confirm is this the default icon element in Bubble? Are you on a custom domain? If so, are you using https?

Hi luke2,
The problem happens in both versions, they are the default icons of bubble, I use icons of other developers but I do not see any problem with those icons at the moment, the domain is personalized and I use https.

Hmmm, I have a feeling it’s a script issue with the icons - I think Bubble uses FontAwesome v3 library. I personally don’t use this and prefer to stick with images as SVG’s a little lighter on page load I feel.

However if you can send over a preview link I can check on chromes debugger console to see if there are any glaring issues. Otherwise if you prefer, I suggest sending a bug report over to Bubble directly which you can do here.

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Apparently there is a specific plugin, which when installed only affects the bubble icons, if I uninstall everything returns to normal, this is normal?

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