Strange Behaviour Creating a new thing without request

Hi All, I’m trying to create a thing using a form but I’m getting a strage behavior. So that’s my form:

The thing that I’m creating is of the type “Service Line”.

When I hit submit, that’s the workflow:

The first thing I do is simply hide the pop-up. The second thing is to test for duplicates and if that’s true I show a pop-up with a warning message.

I just create something in the next step, but what is happening is, once I click the submit button, the thing is being created. I can check this by printing a repeating group of “Service Lines” in my app and using the debugger. The new thing appears immediately in the Repeating group after I hit submit.
When my second step looks for duplicates, it finds, because the Service Line with the fields I’m testing is already there.

I’m not using auto-binding. I have no clue what’s happening. Any light?

Just an update from my observations, it seems like the problem is with the Debug mode. It seems like the whole workflow runs and do the creation of the things and then the debug starts running. When this happens, the tests to check if there’s already an element like the one I’m trying to create returns positive.

But If I don’t run the debug, nothing strange happens.

Really weird!

Hello! The thing to keep in mind here is that all steps within a workflow complete roughly at the same time once the workflow is initiated. With the debugger in step-by-step mode, the workflow still completes at the beginning, so the values in the evaluator are viewed after the workflow has completed.

Well, that’s the feeling I was getting, but that shouldn’t be the case right? The debugger loses it’s goal by behaving this way. It’s been really hard to debug certain things because of this fact.

The variables that should just change in the end of the workflow appears in the beggining of the workflow as they are already changed.
No other language I’ve used before presented this problem.

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