Stripe Bubble plugin - V2 to V3 - Saved CC removed

@marca From the V2 :

to the V3 (SCA compliant) you removed the use of saved Credit Card.

It there a reason why you are not supporting it anymore throught Checkout ?

The new SCA legislation prevents use of saved cards. The idea is that every time credit card information is handed over, it must be with a specific mandate—“here’s my card, you have my permission to charge it $20 monthly for this specific subscription,” not “here’s my card for future use.”


This is true in EU. Off-session payments are not allowed in the US neither ?
Because, if it fails, it’s our job to prompt our users to save a new PaymentMethod. I think that’s why Stripe has implemented SetupIntent where we can specify usage = off_session.

Anyway I will just reactivate V2 and we’ll try to be SCA compliant later on for EU.

How can we allow a user to modify the CC used for his subscription now?


Hi @Lucien, did you by any chance figure out how to allow a user to modify the CC used for their subscription? Currently also looking for an answer to that question, but without any luck.

Hey sorry, did not have the chance, no. Will keep you posted here if I do.

Has someone already got a good guide for implementing off-session payouts in V3? Legally it is alright because I need the card to be stored just for one payment (a booking that needs to be confirmed)