Stripe Connect - Update Seller's Stripe ID

Hi all,

I’m not very comfortable with Stripe yet, but here is what I’m looking to accomplish:

I have “Stores” and “Locations” as things. A “Store” is essentially a seller account in bubble. Because my customers may have multiple locations a store has a list of Locations.

When users use the marketplace they purchase from a “Location” and therefore the money must be transferred to the Location’s bank account.

Currently, in the Store Settings: I have a button for each location which takes the Seller (User) to Stripe Connect Express. I tested that and it seems to be working to a point.

I’ve been following the documentation from Stripe at:

My issue is when I get to Step 3/4: Platform completes the Express account connection.

I have absolutely no idea where to go from here. Has anyone completed this process before?


Yet you tried with “App connector” plugin to connect Accounts?, This ApI documentation will help you.