Stripe flow not working for New Users created (Stripe India)

I integrated Stripe with my Bubble app and a few days back it was working fine. I have two subscriptions “Annual and Monthly” so both were working fine.

Recently I was testing some functionality of Stripe and when I created (or signed up) a new user and tested the payments flow by clicking on annual/monthly subscription, then stripe gave me this error:
"Stripe error: The search feature is temporarily unavailable in your region."
Screenshot 2024-02-23 113153

This basic functionality of Stripe is working fine for the user accounts I created a few days/weeks back, but not working for the new accounts that I am creating. I didn’t change anything on the stripe end and double-checked the workflow as well. Not able to understand why this basic flow is not working for the new users.

Please can someone help me here?

Did you manage to find a solution for this? I am facing a similar issue as well

Hi, No, not yet. But found one thing (mentioned in the last para)
I was using the official Stripe plugin from Bubble. So my stripe flow was working fine till last month

After I purchased the domain and deployed my bubble app on that domain, my stripe flow is not even triggering on clicking Get Started. It is throwing this error :
Stripe error: The search feature is temporarily unavailable in your region.

After debugging for hours on this, I came across this stripe doc: Search | Stripe Documentation where it is mentioned: “Search isn’t available to merchants in India.” (at the end of the doc)

So now I am more confused as to how it was working earlier. Are you also from India?

Yes, I am based out of India. I have been running the official stripe plugin on my bubble app for a while now. Didnt have problems with it until a week or 10 days ago. @ankur1 @jayvee.nava @stripe any help will be great

Hi - thanks for flagging this. Please file a bug report to our Support team here so they can help resolve this issue for you. Thank you

Thank you bubble support. This issue has been resolved.

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Thanks a lot @jayvee.nava and Bubble support team for resolving this

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