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Stripe: How to pay user without them signing up as sellers?

Is there a way I could transfer payment to users by using my stripe account. Without them signing up to be sellers. It would be the opposite of "charge the current user… ".

I thought about putting a negative amount for the “charge the current user…”. Would that work? Would it charge my account and transfer the amount to the user?

negative amount does not work.

You can use the API connector to send a payment to a user’s bank account. The easiest way to do this is if the the card that your users sign up with is a debit card. If it is, you can send a payment using the API call on this page:

Otherwise, you can collect a user’s bank account routing/account number and add them to their customer profile either through the API, or manually in your Stripe Dashboard. (Keep in mind that the #1 cause of failed ACH payments is incorrectly entered bank information.)

In order to do either, you’ll need to make sure that your Stripe account is on manual transfers to your bank account, and not rolling 2-day/automatic transfers.


We could look at adding this call, would probably do this on a sponsored basis though.

Thanks help @natedogg

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From the link posted, looks like Stripe has removed this call and suggests using Managed accounts instead:
“Update: If you’re interested in sending transfers to debit cards, you should now use Managed Accounts on Stripe Connect.”

From another thread where we discussed implementing managed accounts, you might the impression that it’s a big effort to implement it. But what I can tell, it’s not too much hassle, most of it is already implemented in Bubble.
These are the requirements, according to this document (

  • Address all necessary identity verification. (Name,Address,Date of birth,Last 4 digits of their Social Security number if in US (probably differs from country to country))
  • Establish the contractor’s bank account (for transfers).
  • Have your contractors agree to your terms of service.

Seems pretty easy to create Stripe managed account:
“At the bare minimum, to create and connect to a managed account, simply set managed to true in the creation request, and provide a country. The country, once set, cannot be changed”

For the payment process:
Thanks to Connect, the complexity of this entire commercial flow can be reduced to a single API call, as you identify the intended recipient of funds when a charge is processed. Additionally, Connect makes it easy to create and manage accounts to work with and pay your service providers.

So it seems you can use the same API call thats already implemented in Bubble?

Would you please consider implementing this @emmanuel?

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We’d do this on a sponsored basis, reach out to talk about it.

@emmanuel, would the sponsored Managed Account integration allow us to more easily manage the payment details on our site instead of sending sellers to Stripe to sign up and connect their account?

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I don’t know, that’s a question for stripe… What I know is that the feature is in beta, and as I already said once about exactly the same thing, it’d be great to wait for it to be out of beta. But if users want to sponsor we can talk about it.

Yes, with managed accounts you’d do everything within Bubble. Ok Emmanuel, I’ll send you an email. :slight_smile:

Please wait for september to do this, the backlog is currently full for August.

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Hey @emmanuel @pnodseth did you guys trial this?

I would also be interested in sponsoring a trail on this on our app for similar reasons as above.

We’d like to setup a marketplace without having to signup users as ‘sellers’ ideally.

By the way only been using Bubble for 10 days and loving it!


Has anything been done with integrating Managed accounts with Stripe? seems like quite a few of us are interested in this.

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Keen one this too

I’ll chip in as well.

CoBubble’s new platform features a number of courses, each defined by goals. I’m happy to mention that along with a course on sending customizable push notifications to devices (the first on Bubble), we’ll also have a course on using Stripe Connect’s Managed Accounts! (that’s right) Signup for individuals, deposit methods, identity verification and especially direct transfers - without ever exposing Stripe to your users. (also a first!)

This is wrapping up to be a fantastic project and one I hope the Bubble community will return the favor for by enrolling this coming weekend. The course will be $279 and get you life-time access. Hope everyone joins! :slight_smile:


I’m uncertain as to why managed accounts isn’t supported by bubble. I thought it was technical. If it’s not technical, then managed accounts is possible, just not easily implemented by the click of a button. Perhaps @emmanuel or someone else can shed some light?

Yes it is possible to create managed accounts by connecting to Stripe API. The process is the same as with every other API connection from Bubble.

POST to with parameter managed=true;
There are more country dependant parameters to specify if you want Stripe to verify the account and enable transfers.
For Denmark it would be:

  • legal_entity[verification][document] that Stripe might ask if the account gets too big.

There are few things that you have to take into consideration when you are making managed accounts for others from your platform, f.ex. vetting for fraud, accepting Stripe TOS etc.
Refer to this article under “Requirements for creating Managed Accounts”.

After you have created managed account, save the Stripe ID to your Bubble DB under user and use it for other Stripe calls - transfers, updates etc.

And of course this one you will need

Thanks @alvis. Very nice! Do you use it live? I’ll have a look at it.

I thought it would be just another API call but was advised by @emmanuel in another post some time ago, bubble doesn’t support managed accounts. Sounds stupid, but I didn’t ask why or how. It hasn’t been my priority to set it up, but will soon be.

Don’t forget, Bubble doesn’t just add a feature with more experienced Bubblers in mind; they consider making features accessible and understandable to more basic users as well. It’s also worth nothing that Bubble would have to write some documentation not only around Stripe Connect not being available outside of a few countries but also that Bubble isn’t responsible for any data transmitted. I understood early on why Bubble didn’t implement Managed Accounts.

All this information regarding legalities, functionality and more regarding Stripe Connect are covered in the course. Anyone can do what Alvis just did and blurt out information, but there’s a ton of stuff you also have to be aware of. (as simple as gateways like Stripe have made it for developers, don’t forget you’re still dealing with the financial institutions and regulations of the world)

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