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Stripe option "charge the user using saved CC" doesn't recognize the Trans. Payee's ACCT seller ID


I found very useful the option in Stripe “Register the user as a seller” however the fact to use Stripe OAuth is very cumbersome for the seller to enter IBAN number or other identity information that can be done at a later time.
So I have used an API to create a Stripe connected account on behalf of the seller where the seller has just to enter the email and country as suggested on Stripe website (

However, everthough the account ACCT number (which is the same as the Bubble Seller number when using the option "Register the user as a seller) has been successfully created in Stripe and connected to my Stripe account, I cannot use that ACCT number to charge the customer.

It seems that the Stripe option “charge the user using saved CC” doesn’t recognize the Trans. Payee’s ACCT seller number of the user created with the API . This information is saved locally as well. I double checked and both numbers, the Bubble seller ID and API account ID are the same.

Any idea why the transaction doesn’t go through? This is the error message:

The goal is to be able to defer the transaction until the seller has completed the seller information but still be able to accept the transaction as described in Stripe.

Thank you