Stripe.js 2 Postal Code

@copilot Seems like a simple issue, but not sure what is going on. Gonna assume I am missing something simple somewhere.

Using the Stripe.js 2 plugin and on the stripe element I have the “Ask Postal Code?” set to “Yes”. For some reason when testing the element does not request the zip/postal code.

Hi @lortie.jason,

We have a dedicated inbox over at :+1:

@copilot sent an email but have not heard back yet.

That’s great, thanks for doing so. As a heads-up, tagging us here won’t expedite a response from either channel. :slightly_smiling_face:

@lortie.jason Encountered same issue (emailed copilot about this around a month ago, but no response yet).

Try using plugin version 1.9.130 - think this was the latest version that had zip/postcode field appearing, when I was testing this (although have not checked new versions recently).

Wow, thanks so much. @copilot great thing I didn’t wait around for support to email me back!

@armen.a.karapetyan, you are a lifesaver. Seems so strange that there have been so many updates and this isn’t working.

Glad to hear @lortie.jason :slight_smile:

@armen.a.karapetyan It’s generally not a sound idea to deliberately utilize an old version of a dependency. Could you follow up on your original email thread so it pops up to the top of our inbox? Thanks!

@lortie.jason has this issue been fixed for you in latest versions or have you resorted to using that older version of the plugin?

I am still using the older version of the plug-in. There has been zero response from @copilot contrary to what you see above.

Obviously they don’t want to be tagged here, but you would think there would be some type of communication from whoever is monitoring this forum with whoever monitors their support email address.

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I checked the element. in latest versions there is a line in there which hides the post code field for whatever reason. It seems like they started and left things unfinished.


Ya, it seems the version that they introduced the “hide zip” functionality is the one that broke it. If they ever get around to fixing that it would be great.

Until then, I am stuck using the earlier version since it is the only one that will keep the zip code feild available.