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💳 Stripe Marketplace Express Checkout + SCA 3D Secure - New Plugin from Zeroqode

sent everything via email. Thanks!

Thanks @natvancleve!

Please let us investigate with our development team as well then get back to you with an update asap!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hi Nate,

Thanks for providing the additional details!

We have checked on your app, but why do you need to verify whether or not a transaction was successful, because when the buyer is redirected back to the Success URL it already means that it was successful if you receive the success=yes in the URL params.

This would be doubling the work already handled by plugin.

Let us know if you have more questions!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

I want to create a transaction in my database after checkout. I need a way to confirm that a unique transaction has taken place. Otherwise reloading the page or manually changing the success parameter to yes would create a new transaction.

I got the impression from your earlier comments that using the session ID was the best way to confirm a transaction. Is there another way?

Hi @natvancleve,

Yes, using the session ID is the best way but you don’t need to retrieve it in order to verify a successful transaction because when you are redirected back to your page, you are using the Success URL specifically on this matter, so you can know by a URL param that it has been successful.

Sorry but this is not reproducing on our side. It should not be reproducing on our side as well if everything is configured properly. If you are saying that checkout is working fine, you’re all set up at this point. There is no need to verify it again by trying to retrieve the session ID at your own.

We hope it makes sense. :pray:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hi there,

I am trying to change the “default payment description” which at the moment is the “connected accounts’ inserted website”.

So if a partner enters their Facebook site in the website field - and someone buys from them - the description for the payment is “” which obviously is a bit scary.

I would like to set the default payment description to my own domain / the partner’s name.

How can I do that?

Best regards & thanks in advance,

Hi @maze ,

Thanks for reaching out. These sort of settings are adjusted in your own Stripe dashboard Appearance settings.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

I just purchased Stripe Market Express. I am new to this Plugin, so please bear with me.

A. In my app, I have a specific User
B. I need the User to create their own Stripe Account/Onboard
C. Once User Stripe account is created, I want to be able to pay the User once they complete a task directly to their Stripe account

How do I go about setting this up in Bubble using the Plugin? I’ve set up Stripe Connect Express in my Stripe account and have configured things as well as plugged in my API Keys in Bubble

Thanks in advance.

Hey @michelduprez , were you ever able to resolve this? I am getting the same error in the console, and in Stripe. What is really confusing is that the action seems to be working, even with the error.

Hello, @KION2
Thanks for your interest in our plugin.

Allow me to recommend you analyzing of the Plugin’s documentation, especially the section Elements:

This plugin has 2 elements: One is called Stripe Marketplace Token. It is used for creating a bank account or card token for the user.

Also, please visit the Bubble Editor, where you can find the detailed workflow for every event, which you are willing to implement in your application:

Hope our answer helps you.


Please allow me to recommend you to analyze the Plugin’s documentation, especially the Retrieve section , as your error is related to this:

Also, please review the workflows in the Bubble Editor to adjust the settings in your application :

Hope our answer helps you.


I’m trying to build a marketplace with a similar payment structure to StockX, where buyers are able to make a ‘bid’ price offer on particular products and the various sellers of that product are able to accept that ‘bid’ (or not).

Although the card details should be gathered/authenticated when the buyer makes a bid, the card should only be charged (automatically) if and when a seller accepts that ‘bid’.

Can this plug-in be used to achieve this use case? If yes, what would be the best approach? Any other solutions welcome too :slight_smile:


Hi @f.costaperetti,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you are able to build pretty much any sort of marketplace with our plugin, as it is the most enhanced one in terms of Stripe features, that allow you to accomplish what you are looking for.

As a start, it is best to check our docs, as well as demo app and its editor, so you can give it a try before purchasing.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hi mates,

I try to make seller payment but don’t know whats wrong.
Basically Iput A is working as a dynamic data

When input A is empty (no seller id) I am redirected to SCA, but if my input A value is not empty send me this error.

Please let me know what’s missing.

In Zeroqode-demo-19 | Bubble Editor tutorial doesn’t replicate any example to make payment for a single seller.

This is my editor
You can reproduce in


@ZeroqodeSupport @levon Please check this post

@ZeroqodeSupport I got go open SCA for make seller payment but when I whant to make payment give me this error:

These are my workflows

This is my testing link

Hello, @alvarobenitez456 . Thanks for reaching out.

Sorry for the late reply. Let us please check your request. We’ll get back to you once we have any useful info.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hi @alvarobenitez456,

We’re reaching with an update. So, based on your error message, the seller’s capabilities do not allow him to accept the payment. You need to make sure that sellers have this feature enabled.

You can simply use the Update a seller action, and set the capabilities field to: card_payments,transfers in order to receive the payments.

Also, when you create a seller, make sure to use this feature as well, for example:


Then give it a try again.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Thank you so much @ZeroqodeSupport I got it.
When my customers register theirselves, can do it as individual person or company, so how can I retrieve if my customer is individual or company? to add a conditional.
For example: when customer seller is individual → action update a seller - individual

I’ve been checking some actions getting data from marketplace but don’t find wich one , retrieve if my customer is company or individual.

Hi @ZeroqodeTeam,

How can I retrieve this status?

I need to restrict my services only for completed accounts.

Again I don’t find how to retrieve this status.

Thank you in advance!