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Stripe Plugin Bug with French Debit Cards - user not updated

I’m having a very specific issue with the Bubble Stripe Plugin.
Bubble has been informed and asked me to post here to see if there are others with this issue too.

Here’s what happens:

When a user signs up for a subscription through the Bubble Stripe API with a French Issued Debit Card, the user isn’t updated in Bubble with the Stripe Customer.
When the user is sent back to my Bubble page, the workflow stops. leaving my new client hanging.

This ONLY happens with French Visa and Mastercard Debit cards.
All other cards are fine.

Bubble team have tried to reproduce unsuccessfully so far.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Well… I rebuilt my checkout page and am not having this issue anymore. So… voilà :slight_smile:

Hi Dee,
How did you rebuild this?
I´m having the same issue with debit card payments (Mexico) …

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Hi Andreas! I started from scratch the whole page, so not sure if it was the payment element or something else on the page that was causing the issue. Let us know if you manage to narrow it down further (and please let the Bubble team know so they can log this as not just a one time thing) good luck!

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