Stripe plugin checkout button displayed incorrect price at JPY,KRW,VND

Bubble team reply me like this.

Thanks for reaching out; we’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble! I’ve noticed this forum thread from you, where Jici has suggested a possible solution for this behavior; have you been able to resolve this problem?
The underlying behavior stems from the fact that Stripe handles things in cents by default, so it is very possible that it is not correctly rendering yen, in which case you should contact Stripe’s support team to see if they are able to assist in resolving the behavior.

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I find only JPY has this problem so now I think it is stripe plugin problem.
Other currency is displayed 1,000.00 (USD,EUR,CNY,TWD etc)
Only JPY is 100,000 (20)

Stripe support answer me.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is Marcus from Stripe.

I understand that you are experiencing an issue with the text on the Checkout button.
The difference in the text could be due to the coding on the Checkout button. For details on customizing the Checkout button, please refer to the documentation below:

I’d also recommend checking that the amount has not been entered as a decimal currency (i.e. with two extra zeros), as this can cause the amount to display incorrectly. For information on how Stripe handles zero decimal currency, please see the below page:

If this does not resolve your issue, please send us a copy of your code, and we will investigate!
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get back to us.


I think this is reason.

Bubble support reply me and the problem is put in query in their engineering team now.

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This is what I was thinking at first. Remember I ask you to set decimal. But Bubble will return an integer if there’s no cents. And this is why it was not working.

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I have no choice🤔

Bubble fix the bug today!
So now no probrem.

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