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Stripe Plugin. How to apply a coupon?

Yeah that part isn’t working. They have a checkbox for it in v3, but it doesn’t ask for a coupon input. It only asks for an input on v2.
How did you get both sides to show up?
This is what shows up for me

How did you get promo codes here?

This is what it looks like on mobile I think, and desktop is 2 sided

Weird, I’m on my laptop


I see what y’all are saying now though… You can’t throw in a coupon code by default…

That’s so strange, I have it checked but it still only shows one side

What the heck… is there an option for regular charges?

Do you mean recurring charges?


WAIT! Totally disregard that


How did you upgrade it? This is what shows up for me


Looks like you might be using a different Stripe plugin than me. Here’s my exact setup.

Yeah, I tried switching back to v2, cause I keep getting the mobile checkout page on v3

I’ve been trying to work around this with no luck so far.
The issue is we can create what Stripe calls a coupon but we then need to create a promotion within the ‘coupon’ that can be used during the stripe checkout.
As it stands there is only a way to create the coupon and not the promotion code so for now it’s useless I’m afraid.

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Yes, anyone know if the ability to call an API to create a promo code on a coupon is on the roadmap for Bubble’s Stripe plugin? It’s hindering my “free to paid” motion since you can only use a promo code for signing up for a new Stripe account, not a coupon. Coupon is applied after the user already has an account, which many of my free users do not have,…

@eve or @johnny do you know if/when this feature will be implemented?

Hey there @jdubbya,

If you upgrade your Stripe Plugin to v3, you can use the built in Stripe coupons when a user is redirected to checkout.

No, you need a promo code, not a coupon code when the user doesn’t have a Stripe account yet - this is a Stripe restriction. Since you can’t create promo codes from Bubble’s Stripe plugin - only coupon codes - you can’t create campaigns for free users like upselling to paid plans. Promo codes work fine when the platform provider (me) creates them in Stripe and then sends them to the user to enter and use. But because Bubble’s plugin doesn’t provide an API for creating a promo code (there is a one-to-many relationship between a coupon and promo codes), you can’t make this (free to paid) process work. Does that make sense? It’s maybe too off-topic from the OP.

@eve - would love to know if/when this feature is planned - thank you in advance!

Oooh I see. You can easily use Stripe’s API and the Bubble API connector to create a coupon code.

We could really use this update. How are we able to discount a product?

You can use a coupon code on Stripe.