Stripe subscription question for plan

Any tips on creating a way users can subscribe to a plan?

It’s such a pain to do it manually. And there is no “real” added value to your business when you’re done this feature imo. It’s a lot of wasted hours, when you can spend this time to build stuff that matters for your users.

Have a look at ServiceBot. Their bubble plugin & service are awesome.
Unless you are very price sensitive, everything is built for you.

The Stripe plugin allows you to do this. @jess was very helpful in helping me set mine up :blush:

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The Stripe plugin is very simple to setup for subscription, you can also add taxes if needed. Than in addition I strongly recommand the Stripe Self Service Portal, an amazing plugin : your subscriber will be able to manage their subscription, their plan, and modify their payment info if need be. You just have to install this free plugin, add 1 workflow and configure the Billing portal in stripe.

Easy and powerful!


ServiceBot is too expensive, you can do it by your own.


Agreed on this. You better be making a lot of money each month to be using Servicebot.


I also recommend just using the Bubble Stripe Plugin and the Stripe Self Service Portal. So much easier to set up than other plugins.

I use it on my site and it works beautifully.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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