[Stripe Updated!] Can Take Apple Pay & More!

Hi all,

I stumbled on Stripe’s new update here
Stripe has evolved the checkout process to now accept Apple Pay and be more secure, it seems.
How can Bubble Users migrate their existing Stripe plugin to this new format?

Any thoughts would be helpful!

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Hey @nbourdon1, yeah, that’s a cool feature. Which plugin are you using?

When I use the Bubble Stripe Plugin v3 Checkout I can already use Apple Pay to make a payment. See image below:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks! I’m currently in checkout v2 using the Stripe plugin built by Bubble.
Is that the same one that you’re using? If so, how did you change the checkout version?

Best! :smile:

Yup! That’s the one. You can update it here:

When you change over, there are things that change in how you collect data. So just double check your workflows and you may need to adjust them so it works properly. I think it is well worth updating, the v3 is a lot more sleek looking too. :+1::blush:

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You rock! :guitar: Worked perfectly. Thank you so much :raised_hands:

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No problem! Glad it helped! :blush:

Hi all,

Im updating to v3 of the Stripe plugin. The first time a subscription is created it asks for a quantity. In my case, that quantity is zero. The quantity is later updated as the user adds different things to their subscription. However, the v3 plugin does not allow that number to be zero. It says it must be greater than or equal to 1. On v2 i was able to suscribe a user with zero items, and not charge them the monthly fee until they added subscription items. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Hmm, if I understand correctly
You should adjust the subscription to pass at least 1 since the User eventually will pass a new value (what they’re actually buying) as they add items to their cart. That way the subscription process will function, User will be able to update their “cart”, and then the User will confirm after the initial value has changed.

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Apple pay doesn’t seem to be showing for me on iPhone. Anyone else has a working way of implementing apple pay?

With the Bubble Stripe Plugin it allows for it. Check it out. It might be a setting in Stripe if I remember correctly. :blush:

finally this plugin looks beautiful…great job Bubble

My app add credits based on a purchase…is there a way to programmatically send a parameter to checkout, so when it returns if failed checkout then->do not add credits, if succesful checkout then->add credits. this is possible with the redirect to checkout (cancel_url, return_url), but what about with this plugin??? thanks!

You can do that, definitely.

Is it a subscription? Or just a one time purchase?

There is a different process depending on what you are looking to do. :blush:

one time purchase. I am looking for backend WF looking for the Webhook but I see nothing.

I think if you just put the workflow step right after the charge step, you can do something like “make changes to a thing” so you can add your credits.

I believe that even if you leave the page to pay in Stripe, when it comes back, Bubble resumes the workflow for you if the charge is successful.

Let me know if that works for you. Otherwise, I can look at my workflows to remind myself how I did that before. :blush:

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you’re right, it worked. LOL. I love simplicity. thanks man!

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No problem. Glad it worked out for you. The Bubble plugins are always made so much more simple. Bubble does it in a way that makes it just work. :blush:

Hey, do I need to host a file at .well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association for Apple Pay to work? I am confused as it seems to be working without that

See SETTINGS > SEO > METATAGS then upload your file.

Exclude first dash in the name.

Remember to deploy to live before hitting the verify button in the Stripe dashboard - tried it 4 times without :slight_smile:



@J805 do you know if it is possible to add any other payment method from Stripe ? I tried with Google Pay and Sepa but none of them are available on the checkout page

Thank you for your help


Hey @maxence :wave:

Apple Pay and Google Pay shows up with the Bubble Stripe plugin if you enable it in Stripe settings. It might not be available in all countries. I’d have to look at the documentation again. On my site it shows up. Is that what you mean? :blush: