Subdomain DNS error

Many of my customers face a DNS error when they try to reach the app, on a subdomain, but it works for some others; my app is on, I have a wp site on the main domain or
I wonder if I should use a CNAME config instead of the A config
What is strange is that it works for me! so I don’t know what to do
Anyone faced a similar issue ?

What’s the errors they’re facing?

a DNS error, site not reachable

You can try adding the CNAME

I ll…

I have a dns propagation error, for weeks now

I should try to add it, with the A records ? Or without ? I saw a similar post like that but I was waiting the support which told to contact the domain provider, the domain provider put me on hold as they are investigating, I ll post a clear solution when this is resolved as I think many people will face the same issue.
I’m on Internet BS for my domain provider

Thank you for your help johnny

Here is my domain config if someone sees something :

Try adding without the A records, only CNAME

I’l sorry I 'm really a newbie in domain settings, should I literally put ‘’ or I put ?

So in your DNS records

You would want to create:

Name: @

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No. Under alias enter @ then under Canonical Name enter

It said there is a conflict, so I edited the current cname…

What are the records you have pointed to the subdomain? Ignore when I said “@” above, replace that with whatever the subdomain is

Here is the current situation

I put back in place the default SOA, and put name ‘app’ instead of @

I dont understand how It will know to point to ‘my’ app in the bubble system

anyway it seems to already propagate better the dns on DNS checker

Because of the domain name you specify in the Bubble editor. You did specify in the Bubble editor right?

yes, but when internetBS will point to, how somehow will know to point to ‘my’ app ?