[Sudsy Page] Quick Start + Editor Access

Greetings Bubblers,

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve finally put together a “quick start” for the Sudsy Page plugin in the form of a brief guide (below) as well as a simplified demo page and edit mode access to all demos. The questions and discussion posted here will help to refine the documentation.

Getting Started

First, read the documentation, which (while somewhat lacking) at least provides a good overview.

Next, check out the quick-start demo. It’s an attempt to provide a simplified working example. Note the URLs as you navigate the page.

Then, study the quick-start demo in edit mode. The basic approach to creating it was as follows:

  • Preliminary: Decide which data should be displayed when a particular URL (endpoint) is visited on the page.

  • Using groups which are initially hidden, create the corresponding “views” for those different “endpoints”.

  • In the workflow(s) triggered by the Path Changed event, reference the Path Params exposed state to determine which URL is being “visited”. It’s usually helpful to set various custom states when implementing this logic.

  • Those custom states can then be referenced by Conditionals on the hidden groups to determine whether or not they should be displayed.

Important Points

  • Link elements are key. They should be used for all “intra-page” navigation. Make sure they’re configured as an External URL so they can be constructed using the dynamic expression builder.

  • Conditionals are your friend. When used in conjunction with custom states, they provide a powerful means for controlling what gets displayed when.

  • Give thoughtful consideration to your desired URL structure. Once they are “out in the wild” (being accessed publicly), changing them could adversely impact SEO.

Edit Mode Access

Questions + Comments

  • Feel free to post questions and comments about the demos here (as a reply to this topic).

  • Please start a new thread if it’s about your particular project. (Prepending “[Sudsy Page]” to the title of your post will make it easier to discover for others working with the plugin.)

Bubble on…



Does Sudsy page work with Bubble’s sitemap generator? If I had 500 clothes for say and used Sudsy to structure the URL would the sitemap generated by Bubble have the Sudsy URLs?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your inquiry. No, unfortunately it does not. I don’t even know if Bubble provides hooks into the sitemap generator, but I suspect not.