[UPDATE v2.3.1] Sudsy Page (meets the urge to merge)

Greetings, Bubblonians! :wink:


Just wanted to announce an update to my flagship plug-in, Sudsy Page. It’s been serving me well since it was introduced, but a recent project presented an opportunity to extend its capabilities.

Sudsy has always automatically recognized Bubble’s native Link elements, but now it can be configured to recognize any links on the page. This is quite handy if you want to trigger intra-page workflows (with no page reload) from links located inside a Bubble Text or HTML element, for instance.

The specific project I developed was a proof-of-concept which implemented a templating system. It required data to be pulled from the DB to replace tokens in the template so that the merged result could be output and displayed to the user in real time as they interacted with the page.

You can check it out here…

A Sudsy-enabled workflow handles the link clicks in the merged result. Aside from that, though, absolutely everything else is 100% pure native Bubble - no other plugins, no CSS, no JS, (and no BS!)




Great work, Steve!

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