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I just started using bubble a week ago and I am also new to this forum. Please am building an application that a user would utilize to do an assessment based on a 10 questionnaire survey. How do i get my yes/ no questionnaire to sum up the the yes/ no categorical scores and provide an interpretation to the user based on his / her score. I have struggled with this by not seeing any further option in my work flow to categorize and sum up the yes’s and the no’s after the last question is answered on the 10th page in order to provide this interpretation. I would appreciate any kind of help to solve this challenge thanks.

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Let’s assume we have a list of Boolean (yes/no) values:



some_yes_no_list:filtered (criteria Advanced “this yes/no’s value is yes”):count

… Is the number of yeses in the list.

If you’ve not yet constructed the list (e.g., you’re going to search for something that resolves to a list of yes/no’s), you could just have a search criterion there (I think).


Thanks Keith but could you take a snapshot of the design page / work flow showing the process you just described for better understanding? Thanks

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