Switched to Stripe v3 SCA and no more popup?

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Just wondering if I’m missing something, but as I’m setting up payment processing I was using the Bubble Stripe v2 plug. When I trigger to Charge The Current User in v2 I used to presented with a popup to collect the User’s credit card data. But I recently switched to v3 SCA because I’ve been reading that it was is required, and when I trigger the same event, I get no popup or anything.

What am I missing about this?

Thanks, Dan

That’s correct, with the v3 design you are redirected to a Stripe hosted checkout to complete the transaction then brought back into Bubble.

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Thanks @johnny

I have an app I’m finishing and Stripe is one of the last pieces of this puzzle.

Question: with v3 SCA, is it possible then for my app to fire off automatic payments once per month for each of my subscribers? The reason for this is that each subscriber’s fee is granular and unique to them based on a variety of factors. It’s not a simple monthly base subscription.

I was hoping to design a payment system such that my app can run a workflow each evening, decide who needs to be billed and for what amount, and then just submit the payment in the workflow based on the Customer ID. Is this even possible with v3 SCA, or with Stripe at all in Bubble? Or am I limited to only sending off an invoice and hope my client pays it on time, and then capture that information via a Webhook?

I’m a pretty competent programmer, but I don’t know what I don’t know about Stripe.

FYI, I already have about 100 subscribers that imported from an old system, along with their Stripe Customer IDs. So I was hoping I could just send a payment directly to Stripe based on the existing known Customer ID.


Will it be possible to have the stripe billing portal working with Bubble?

You can use our stripe integration with metered usage records.

Assuming the subscription is on a usage based billing plan, you can create a new SCA Subscription checkout with the pricing plan ID, from there you can schedule a back-end workflow in your Bubble app to specify the usage for each month.

You can use Create a direct subscription for attaching pricing plans to existing customers with valid cards on file or SCA Subscription checkout for new customers.

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