Sydney Bubble Meetup Celebrating 200 Members!

I’m so chuffed the Sydney Meet Up now has 200 members.

Out of that 200, we have around 20 active members who attend on a regular basis when they can, so I guess an attendance rate of 10% is not too bad!

This year there is a meet up scheduled for every month.

Come along if you are in Sydney to tonight’s Bubble Meet Up at 5.45pm in Wynyard in the heart of the city, where we’ll discuss new Bubble features and share recent discoveries. RSVP:

The Bubble Master Meetup page ( now has 6 Meetup groups in 5 countries. Don’t be afraid to get involved and meet other Bubblers.



Why none in Texas?

@gnelson Meets Ups are organized by Bubble users, if there’s not one in your area, create one.

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Hey @cowontherun, what happened with the Meet Up?
I moved to Sydney recently and am looking to interact with the local community of Bubblers.

I’ve moved to a farm way down on the South Coast (still work as a Bubble freelancer thanks to Starlink) so I can’t host anymore. You are welcome to host yourself if you like or find someone up there. No one has put their hand up yet! You just need either a conference room or a pub - depends if you want to do a learning meet up or a casual drinks meet up …

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One might also reach out to @danielzaltsman at Bubble, who is helping organize/reinvigorate Bubble meetups (amongst many other initiatives, I’m sure), @vini_pereira.

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Thanks @keith. Also thank you @cowontherun for all your work with community - you were doing that 5 years ago - a true Bubble community leader and veteran :raised_hands:

And yes, we’re here and happy to help folks get local communities up and running with in-person gathering. Since we’re talking about Sydney, @josh24 was keen - but plans to be traveling for some time so wont be able (

If we can support let us know and that applies to any other opportunities/ides for learning and building together on Bubble!


Thanks @cowontherun @keith

@danielzaltsman sweet! I plan to stay in Sydney mid/long-term and keen to reestablish the community meetup here. Just need to check how many people would be interested. I should probably make a post here in the forum and also tweet.

How do you usually support those local meetups? Are there any guidelines or best practices that you could share?

Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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