Tab Element - Adding More Tabs...?

I have a settings page in my application where you can add / remove users, add service packages, add-on’s and products. but i need to add tabs. I’ve been messing around with it all morning but haven’t figured it out.

The default element comes with 3 tabs. I’ll need way more :slight_smile:

I copied the “Add-On Management Tab” and It’s body… but now the add-on’s tab is trying to display the Products tab… but only displays the title. Then the products tab doesnt display anything…

I’m lost… :confounded:

Thanks in advance for the help!

ok … I just did this yesterday night …

so, when adding new tabs, all you have to do is change all the settings for each new tab you copy (most importantly the references).

For TAB Settings, look below image:

For TAB CONTENT Settings look below image:

The red marks are the new tab and content components, ORange marks are the tabs under which u need to change content and yellow marks are the content that u need to modify or update.

let me know whether u were able to fix it or not.


YES! That was pretty simple. I spent hours on that and never thought to check conditions. completely makes sense now. Thanks!!!

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:slightly_smiling_face: :thumbsup:

HI Guys, Just went through your conversation step by step and am so frustrated. I’ve done every step about 4x and started over from scratch, but once I add tabs, I can only get one to display. Losing my mind here and would be so grateful for some help! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

Thanks for any help!!

Do you have a link to share to see what might be missing?

A link to the actual appbuilder? Under my account?

I got it handled, thank you so much for your help and have an excellent day!


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