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Table Plugin That Allows Frontend User Editing

Im looking to serve the user a template via a table and then the user has an option to add/remove records/rows and or edit any existing cells/fields. Is there a table plugin that has frontend editing capabilities like this? if not, is there another way to possibly achieve this?

Desired workflow:

  1. User fills out a form (using typeform)
  2. Data goes to airtable DB where calculations are performed
  3. Create workflow: If new record is added to AT then create a new page with an editable table. That table would pull dynamic data from AT DB. [This is where I need help, dont know what to use to build the editable table for the user]
  4. User has option to edit their custom table

Hi! Quite old post now, but im also looking for a complete front end editable table for bubble, so if you found any good solutions please share :slight_smile: Im not sure that I need the AT connection though, rather just a fully front end editable table in bubble, where users can add columns, rename columns/titles, these two functions seems quite hard to find in Bubble, Ive only found a table plugin where users can add premade columns, but if they should also be able to rename them and choose data format for the cells… also move the columns right or left in the table. Just like how an AT table works, or excel… Thanks for any ideas!