Tabs that Work in the UI Editor

For example, when using a tabbed-interfaces, clicking on the tab (usually a group), the UI knows to show the contents of the associated group. This is especially good for single-page app pages.

Would also work for Nav Interfaces in Single-page apps, and expandable areas.

To implement, you could put an element on the Edit Menu that when an element is selected, an action has been tied to in the Editor so that a hidden group can be shown from that action. Or make it a -Key action.

Likewise, an expandable control (that is perhaps “toggled” by clicking on another component) would show or hide in the editor similarly to how the running app works.

You could do it by implementing a special kind of Workflow that only listened for actions in the visual element layout (like the edit menu) and invokes the special Workflow.

In this example, each of these groups expands when clicked, but digging through the element tree is cumbersome, just to get to the panel where a bunch of code lives.