[TEMPLATE] JustFans - OnlyFans Clone - Better than OnlyFans

Hello Bubblers.

A new template on the marketplace!

JustFans is a social media app like OnlyFans. Content creators share content and users who want to see this content subscribes. Like most social media apps, it has a feed feature. In order to maximize the interaction between users, it includes a comment and reply system, a messaging system that can only be used between the relevant content producer and its subscribers, and a highly advanced notification system. With this product designed as a single page, you can increase your social media experience!


  • Fully responsive and modern design

  • One page design (except admin&creator panels)

  • OnlyFans-like appearance

  • Social Media like OnlyFans

  • Stripe payments

  • Subscription plans (User’s can choose between these plans below)

    • Free
    • 10$
    • 15$
    • 20$
    • 30$
    • 40$
    • 50$
  • Message feature between subscriber and creator

  • Advanced creator dashboard

  • Advanced admin panel

  • User Profile

  • Notifications

  • Story feature like Instagram

  • 3 user types (user, admin, creator)

  • Users can subscribe multiple creators

  • Users can like creator’s posts

  • Users can create comments

  • Users can create replies

  • Users can like comments

  • Users can bookmark posts

  • Admin can send e-mail to all or specific users

  • Creator can send same message at once to all subscribers

  • Well documented


Template page


As the Kod-suz, we are happy to present another template to you. Your feedback and questions are especially important to us. Please share your thoughts with us!

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This is wonderful. My hat off to you guys. I am building some sort of Instagram clone while thinking heavily about performance and speed every step of the way because of how disappointingly slow my last 4,000 users’ social community was.

I should have bought this template on Saturday, but I kept hesitating because I had no sense as to the specific usage of backend workflows. I noticed that in your no-code bible pro you did a good job of creating a data type for followers instead of just putting it as a field on the users data type, but I still did not know what to expect on the backend workflow side of things.

I have only been learning Bubble full-time for the last 4 months, but my experience informs the need for something that can scale. Please advise me on the template to buy that can mostly fulfill my needs among your amazing-looking templates. I am also open to you sending me a message to address my peculiarities. Thanks for creating this solid body of work.

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Hello @toyeebgodo

We are glad you liked it! And thank you so much for your kind words!

For all of our templates, we don’t follow the “it just works” mentality. We try to shape our templates by considering their possible needs, so, that people who buy our templates can scale their application more easily with these templates.

We try to set up core things like both workflows and database in the most optimized way possible.

If you have any other questions, we are always here to answer!



Nice! I like the way you set up the documentation out there. But if you did the Youtube Tutorial would be amazing.


Thank you so much for your detailed private message that aptly addressed my concerns. I just gladly bought this JusFans template because it solves more of my problems. I am sure that I am still going to buy your No code bible pro because it is simply irresistible as a developer. I am a huge fan of your work. I cannot wait to go under the hood of JustFans to meet all the goodies.


@bestbubbledev Thank you for your feedback. You can be sure we will consider it!

@toyeebgodo Thanks for purchasing! We can’t wait to see what you build! Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need!


So does that mean adult content is allowed on Bubble’s platform?

Hello guys,

We have updated this template, you can check it here.

Hey guys :hugs:

We made some changes on the template here is the latest update notes:

On this update you will be able to change all primary colors on the template with few clicks.

  • Updated fonts to “global font variables”
  • Updated styles to “global style variables”
  • Login page design updated
  • App version upgraded to 18

Here is a video about how you can change primary colors of the template:

The template preview isn’t working at the moment any idea when it will be back online?

Hey @fetzmitchell

There is a bug in our account. All our templates, all our apps crashed. We’re waiting for the @bubble team to help.

CC: @nick.carroll @allenyang

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Our problem is fixed. You can inspect the template preview now :hugs:

Hi Guys,

Amazing work!

I have tried the preview and the story feature did not work, is it just me?

Is the blurry picture feature for free users coming soon?

Also, how hard is it to turn this template into and android app?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your kind words.

I checked too and it seems a bug just pop up. I’ll fix it ASAP.

We don’t planned a major update on these days however we can consider to add blurry picture feature into the our roadmap.

This template is well organized and builded like real app. Actually this difficulty level depends on your custom feature list. After you buy the template you can use a wrapper tool for adding mobile marketplaces (App store, Play store)

If you have further question, please reach me.


Hi Bubblers, good news is here!!! :fireworks:

This template was earlier purchased by the Rapid Dev agency and now we released an update, so now it comes with more features (dark/light mode, public news thread on the login page, suggestions filtering, etc.).

To try it out - see the demo page: https://justfans.bubbleapps.io/

If you have any suggestions or questions that we can help with, please let us know :wink:

Have a great weekend ahead!

Rapid Dev Support Team