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I had to deploy my bubble app prematurely, which is now being used with live data, etc… There was certain sections of the website that I wasn’t able to get finished, such as the customer’s dashboard area, etc… I now need to do this fast. I’ve been looking at some of the templates up for sale and tested the free one on offer, but it appears I can only use this template when creating an app from the start.

Is this the same for the paid templates? Is there anyway I can upload a template to an existing app?

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Here is a quick overview, not as in depth as I would like. If people think this is useful though I can create more for other features/templates.

Ah, excellent. Thanks very much @gf_wolfer. That’s cleared that up. It’s for one of your templates anyway. Getting it now.

Is the invoicing part still coming soon? And will I just follow same instructions to paste it over to app?


And yes, within a couple weeks.

I will have instructions on how to copy it over as well, which will be similar. But there will be an extra step or two to setup the data before copying over the visual parts

I rushed it out to try and make the ‘couple weeks’ that I had told you about, so let me know if there are any BUGS (not going to tailor it to a preferred way to invoice as everyone is different, but happy to fix bugs:grinning:)

Check it out: https://001thepremiumlanding.bubbleapps.io/

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Thanks again mate. Will defo let you know once I get around to setting the invoice part up in my existing app.

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