Templates over Existing App

Is there a way to use a template with an existing application that I already have setup? I would very much like to be able to use the website and account setting I already have setup with one app but using a new template.

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I believe your best bet is to copy pages over one by one from one app to the other. Expect lots of errors, as the data structures of each app is different, so you’ll need to go through and reconcile those errors. It’s likely to be a messy process, and you might be better off just rebuilding your existing stuff inside the template you purchased.

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I agree that it’d be a bit messy, but it shouldn’t take you all that long. You’ll need to make sure that you set-up the same database fields. And, you’ll have to copy the logic for a lot of the workflows, actions, and conditions to have them work with the database fields in your app.

That said, copy everything over gets you all of the logic, all of the front-end design, placement, responsive settings, the database structure, etc. And all that’s left for you is copying the back-end logic (e.g., the fields that touch the database) from the original template. Probably takes 1/2 to 2 hours per page, I’d imagine. So, a lot quicker than re-creating an app of any material significance.

You could also hire out this work to any competent developer on Bubble because they’re just copying the logic from the template so it’s quite easy / straightforward.



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