Temporary solution for RG not updated from awakening

I built an app which including a key feature : chatroom for buyers and sellers to communicate.
So the not updating RG issue does bother me a lot.
Turns out I HAVE TO added a javascript to force my app reload after a certain idle time.
Here it is :

var lastTime = (new Date()).getTime();
setInterval(function() {
var currentTime = (new Date()).getTime();
if (currentTime > (lastTime + 1000*120)) {
lastTime = currentTime;
}, 500);

Cause I built this a native way , only one page.
So I have to save the last function a user stayed,
and switch it to the function while page is load…
hope this helps to those who faces same issue like me.

For some reason I did this with
Do every 1 second(s)
But sometimes it just don’t work.
Especially while user click the pushed message and open the app.

If you are using the repeating group with the Bubble database and loading it in reverse order, then I don’t think you need to add the custom script to update it manually.

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The other work around (I will presumed) is to added a condition in your RG with exactly the same Do Search. Can be triggered every 30 seconds (wait and change the condition loop).

Hi guys ,
I am talking about this issue:

if browser /app idle for a while (say couples of minutes)
the socket-related stuff will be disconnected ,
then all the auto updating RG will fail.

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