Terminate Workflow - Authanticate with Google

Hello, I have a calendar in my application. I offer the option to synchronize with Google Calendar for those who want to create events here.

But there are people who don’t want to sign in to Google, and those who don’t sign in to Google while creating an event are experiencing an error. (Must be Authenticated!!) I tried the “terminate this workflow” option to avoid this.

It didn’t work.

Does anyone have a solution?

This is very nice detailed article on how to make it happend… hope it helps.


Thanks @jiri1 ,

If I haven’t missed it, the article will tell you how to do authanticate. That’s not my problem. My problem is that those who don’t want to sign in with Google can continue to use the same workflow.

If the user is not logged on with Google, terminate the workflow that contains Calendar.

I think I’m gonna do this by putting an extra button.

Create an event synced with Google Calendar
Create an activity (only in this application)

I’m gonna wait a little longer to see if there’s a better way.