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Text element will not show up on live

This is making me nuts. I have to be doing something stupid/obvious.

I have a text element that shows (and works) up on preview but does not show up on live. On live, the conditional elements are showing (border revealed when hovered), but not the text and the wrong workflow is being triggered.

For context, it’s one of 6 text elements in a group where all the text elements are clickable and kicks off the same custom event; but the custom event has a parameter that takes a number which is a custom state of each question (which pulls different text from the database). All 6 elements are copies of each other, and I changed the number of each manually.

How do I troubleshoot this?

Hi there, @dave19… when something works in dev but not in live, it almost has to be that a change hasn’t been pushed to live or it’s data-related. Without being able to see your app, it’s pretty much impossible to say. Are you able to share some screenshots or a read-only link to your editor?


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You can use the debug tool to try to figure out why it isn’t showing up. Give the text element a unique name.

Add ?debug_mode=true to your URL (should be there automatically in dev, can be added in live).

Use “inspect” on the debug tool to click the element and see why its text is empty.

If the element isn’t there at all, then you can search for the element’s name in the dropdown portion of the inspect tool and see why.

Check your privacy settings. Maybe the condition to show it is relying on access to data that your user account has in dev but not in live.

You nailed it. Data. The text (at this point) is hard coded and the hard coding does not get deployed to the live database. So, I had to go to to the live database and make the same changes. Thank you so much!

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