Text not showing on my Chrome instance - weirdest bug of my entire developing journey!

Hi Folks - Hoping you can help me solve the weirdest bug of my entire career :trophy:

For some reason some text across my app (such as “Mis Facturas” in screenshot below) isn’t showing up. But it’s only not showing on my own Chrome Profile (logged in with my gmail). As soon as I go to guest mode or another Chrome Profile it shows up. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Deleted all extentions
  • Deleted and reinstalled chrome
  • Restarted machine
  • Deleted all browsing history, cookies and cache

It shows up properly for all my friends + on Safari on my machine. In the code itself, the “text” simply doesn’t appear in the DIV where it is supposed to (see second screenshot below)

Does the Text Element have any conditionals?

Sorry I should have added that – no conditional formating. What’s weird is this is happening for a bunch of text across the app…and it’s in now way different from test that is appearing.

Issue randomly fixed itself after 3 days…what a ride :stuck_out_tongue:

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