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Text to Speech Plugin Workflow Setting

Hi, Bubblers.

I wanted to add a function for my app to read text in the app.
So, I downloaded this app below.

It is free. For testing, I created a very simple workflow. But it doesn’t work.

When the page is loaded, I wanted it to read text ‘Hi’. But it doesn’t work.

I haven’t used this plugin nor found any documentation about it.
So, if anyone can figure this out, I hope to get help!

Thank you for reading!

Place the text you want to be read in the “TEXT” part of this action

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Hey @universe1,

I just briefly looked at that plugin.

What do you mean by this? Is there a voice that says, “Hi?”

If not, make sure you have imputed your API keys with Responsive Voice, that should do the trick.

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Sorry, I was really tired when I was writing this.
I didn’t mean that way. I meant I set it like that but it doesn’t work.

Sorry for confusing… :sob:

Still doesn’t work…

Sorry, I was really tired when I was writing that.
I didn’t mean that way. I meant I set it like that but it doesn’t work.
Thank you for your help.

But, how can I impute my API keys with the plugin??
Can you tell me how??

Hey @universe1,
You input your API Keys in the plugin settings.

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Hi @johnny

I copied the private key into it.
But the workflow still doesn’t work.

Have you tried the plugin and does it work on your side?
If so, I want to try different browsers.

Thank you for trying to help me!
I appreciate! :sob:

Oh, not in there. You have to go into the plugins tab and under the Responsive Voice Text to Speech plugin input your API keys there.

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Hi, @johnny

I copied the ‘Private Key’ from that section. Then

Pasted in to the ‘Api Key(headers)’ of the plugin on Plugin page.

Then, I set a workflow like below.

But it doesn’t work. Did I do what you did? Yours does work??

Thank you for reading~

Hey @universe1,

You have to enter your Responsive Voice API key not a Bubble API key. The API key is used to authenticate you into Responsive Voice’s servers which then gives you the ability to output TTS.

Hope this helps!

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