Using inputs inside a repeating group

Hi everyone,

I need help in regards of using an input box inside a repeating group.

My scenario is that I have an input which holds the value of the quantity of each product on the respective line of the repeating group. In order for people to actually order the products in the repeating group all the inputs should contain a value bigger or equal to 1.

When this criteria is not met, the button for ordering appears as disabled and when you hover over it a focus group shows - the aim of this focus group is to notify the user that not all inputs contain a value bigger or equal to 1.

I know that this is achievable by using the auto-binding on the inputs but I wanted to avoid this and for commodity I would like each input to start at 0 and not 1 - therefore the user must update the value.

Is there a work around?

Thank you

Think we’d need to see the editor to understand this issue, at least I need to. Can you paste a link?

Hi @richardosborne14,

Yes, of course. The link to the app’s editor is:

Thank you

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