This is not a valid password reset request. issue. Can't use password reset

So I send myself a magic link, looks like this

I click the link in the email and go to reset_pw page.
My reset password workflow looks like this.

But I get this error in both chrome and firefox “This is not a valid password reset request. Please have another reset email sent to you.”

Hi there, @jeffmccutcheon… I could be off base here, but if you are trying to do a password reset, shouldn’t you be using the Send password reset email action instead of sending a magic link?


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Ah, I see. I guess I figured if someone couldn’t remember their password, the first thing they would want to do is create a new one.

So the magic login link is for people who can’t remember their password, but don’t want to change it because they think they will remember it later? Or perhaps only need to login one time for some reason.

Not really. It might be worth browsing through the original announcement thread for magic links and/or checking out this article that is linked in that thread.