Ticklepanda - Built with bubble

Ticklepanda was a fun project to build. Basically it’s a web app that redirects users to a unique link (when a QR code is scanned ) where they can pass messages back and forth.

The biggest challenge from a technical perspective for this project was figuring out how store messages for each link. First I created a new data type called messages with few text fields including a field for url id. Then, I exported the data from bubble in csv format, added custom links for url id field mirrored to the QR code I wanted to place on stickers, and then imported the csv back to bubble. From there it was just a matter of creating a simple workflow that would allow users to post on each unique url.

The logo animation was created in after effects and exported as json for lottie files which bubble has a plugin for. I learned a lot by doing this project which helped me pick up tricks for bubble along the way. I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


This is a cool idea! Well executed too! I’d want to create my own unique message whenever I want though. Instead of pre-order in bulk maybe allow printable?

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Or wait, is each sticker uniquely coded that you order???

Thanks and yes each sticker takes you to a unique url where you can write custom messages. Interesting idea on allowing printable stickers. Are you suggesting that user can type their message and it will generate a QR code for them which they can share via printing it?

Really cool idea! Works well.

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Very clean design, although there are some responsive issues on mobile (see below image).

Creative idea!

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Thanks & what type of phone is it? I’ll look into it.

Thanks :smiley:

I think hes using a blackberry

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Yah so initially I didn’t realize they were each uniquely coded so I was thinking most of the time I’d want to use this spur of the moment so I wouldn’t want to have to then wait to order a bunch, so I’d just print it.

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which type of blackberry? The Blackberry R, the Blackberry XMax, or the Blackberry Pro X?

I was just yoking around, sorry.