Time inside a draggable group

Hello, guys.

I’m currently using the Draggable plugin to drag thing within my bubble page. It is working fine.

The draggable area represents stages of a production flow and during the day, the user that is controlling the app, will drag the iten to the next stage.

I need to measure how long an iten remained in each stage. Is that possible to do without using a lot of workflows?


Hey @luiz.o.rodrigues :wave:

Hmm :thinking: There might be a few different ways to do this. Here is one suggestion:

Either create a new thing with the time stamp when it was dropped in the stage that it’s in and then modify it to add the time stamp of when it was removed from that stage. If you already have something you can attach the timestamps to, then you can use that too.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for you answer @J805 . I don’t know if I follow… sorry

how would you build that?
I’m currently trying this way, but I’m not sure if this is correct:


When I drop the iten in the stage “triage” I make changs to the thing, but I’ve to create a field “Hi Triage” that means “Initial Hour” and use a condition Only when th drop area is “Triage”.

To create the Final Hour I’ve created another WF:


But I’ve to create another field “Hf triage” to storage that and another Only When condition.

With that I shoud use 2 WF for each stage (and I’ve 15) and all these conditionals… Is there anything smarter to do? I think it is not the right way to go further… Thanks man

Yeah, I’m not sure I follow you. You should just have to do that one time for when it is dropped in the stage area.

You would have two time stamps. One for when it started and one for when it ended. If your database isn’t set up to handle that, you can create a new thing in your database. Then save each value that you need to it when you drop something on that drop area.

Something like this:

TimeStamp - DataType

  • StartTime - date/time
  • End Time - date/time
  • Pacienta_UPA - Pacienta_UPA
  • Area - Area

Does that help at all? Would that work for you?

@J805 sorry for the late answer! I think it worked here!!

I’ve created this timestamp and i create a new thing everytime a item is dropped in the area. Just one last question to ask: How to register the time the item is removed from the area? I’m still struggling with that step.

Thanks man!

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Glad you got it working. :raised_hands:

How is your database set up? It would be at the time you are moving it, you could change the previous one.

Worked fine! Tks!

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