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Hi fellow bubblers,

The problem our site is concerned with is finding helpful short advice online.
When you click a link you rarely know how much relevant information it contains, how much is redundant and what is the most helpful piece of advice overall.
We also discovered this is a problem on most forums where you sometimes spend hours looking for a solution to your specific problem or a short tip.

Using bubble we thus created

With TipLister users can share helpful tips and save them in step by step lists.
Users can then see in which step by step lists a tip comes in handy, to find their next step quickly. So basically we want to be Pinterest for step by step advice.

We see this as a complement to the forum as you can quickly find quick & to the point solutions on several topics.

All our Lists (similar to guides posted on the forum) are structured (i.e. 1. Step, 2. Step, 3. Step, …) and you can easily embed media like videos, images and tips.
Tips you share have tags so you can find specific tips like for #bubble #plugins fast.
We aim to have tips on a number of topics mainly focusing on bubble but also travel or cooking tips so you can use it for more than just work related stuff.

Feel free to add a tip you feel is missing.
Eager to hear your feedback. Let us know what bubble topics you’d like a list for.

Thanks so much for your help here since we joined a year ago. Hope this helps.
Best regards
Tassilo Vogel & Julius König


really nice!

I recommend tiplister because as a beginner it makes learning bubble less stressful and they are always ready to help and show how things work.

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Good idea, UI can be improved, Tons of design inspirations are available on www.dribbble.com

Hi melon, thanks for your input.
Actually to get inspiration from dribbble is one of our tip’s on tiplister.com. We are just not experienced much with design. Could I ask you specifically what you would improve or what is lacking on the site?


If you permit freedom on design, I can try some UI work on your home and login page based on some inspiration, which you select from Behance or dribbble…to which will make the project much good and experience for me too on free time

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Great website, a lot of valuable information. His youtube channel is great too. :fire: :fire: