Tiplister – Share & vote short tips (including lots of Bubble.io)

Hi, I am one of the founders of Tiplister and we are looking for some more feedback.

With Tiplister, we are creating a place where you can quickly go to check out the best short tips on different topics.

Normally, you first have to work your ass off to find that small piece of advice that eventually a friend (or colleague or expert) gives you months down the road. (And the best tips usually do not arise from questions rather you only learn to spot them over time.)

The site should thus serve as a quick check tool to see if there is something small that you could be missing, but which helps you immensely. Kind of like a tab you always have open to quick check for the best tips.

Since our first launch on here, that was well received, we have added more tips on Bubble that helped some friends (and colleagues) of ours but now we thought we have quite a few tips, so why not share this here again to get more feedback on it.

If you are lucky and spot a good tip, of course we would be grateful if you shared it to help grow the site.

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So it’s like wikihow.com?

Hi, you’re right there are some similarities.

The difference is that images are not distractingly large and you can vote and comment on the methods provided here e.g. https://www.wikihow.com/Stay-Productive-While-Working-from-Home.
That way we thought it is cool to use as a quick checker before you start, to see if there are already better ways to do something. And from this selection just the ones with the most votes.

What do you think?

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Hi @TipLister

Today was the first time I used your site and I learnt alot…as a beginner, I found it extremely helpful.

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Nice idea :+1:
Updating the interface should make it more awesome

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@djpapzin. Really appreciate your comment. Hope you also found out that apart from chat, if you click some tips, you can also see in which lists they were saved in.
This is kind of like pinterest where you have pins and pinboards.
Lists give a step by step example of a situation a tip can come in handy.
The place where all public lists on bubble can be found is here.

Glad you like the idea. Thanks for your comment. Sadly we are both no designers so your suggestions would be more than welcome!

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Hi @TipLister

I have a few suggestions for mobile view:

  1. The private chat setup is very jerky, wish it was as smooth as the bubble one.
  2. Be able to click on the text to open the tip instead of clicking on the heading only