Get paired with expert bubble mentors

Hey @bubble family, I’m building a tool that will pair bubble newbie with expert bubble devs in minutes so that can build super fast. Would love to know your thoughts.

If you are a newbie, feel free to join the waitlist here.


Hey @odionpaulokoduwa :wave:

What will be the difference between your site and the Bubble Coaching page?

Always nice to have options, but it might help to explain why yours will be better. :blush:


I’m super curious as to how you’re going to get hundreds of handpicked and verified Bubble mentors/experts to be involved in your project and how you will go about handpicking and verifying them. That sounds like a daunting task… are you able to share any details on that front?


Have you checkout the I think they also working on a similar idea.

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I have been reaching out to bubblers on twitter, they have been quite receptive. I will be reaching out to experts in this forum personally. It might be daunting but it’s worth it

I have taught of that. I am thinking affordable pricing for my African brothers