Tips on creating a mock test or exam platform

Hi, I am new to bubble and planning to create a mock test platform where users can buy mock tests and do them online. I am creating this site for mocks for English language exams like IELTS or TOEFL and the site need to have capability to record and save audio, convert text to speech capability and API integration. I would need to create a user profile (with results and analytics of completed exams) and a teacher profile to assess the answers. Once a student completes a test, it will show up in the common landing zone where it can be reserved by any teacher in our platform. I would also need a mechanism to create in depth analytics from MCQ answers and teacher assessments. I have limited exposure to coding as well (knows a little bit of C and C++). I hope the requirements are clear. Any suggestions on good templates that can make my journey easier, any good plugins that might help? tips on planning and wire framing are also welcome.

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Welcome to the Bubble Community! This seems like a large task for sure. I would suggest making sure you have a well developed plan. A wire framing would definitely be helpful. Maybe try something like this: if you don’t have something already.

Also, I suggest planning out the database as well. You want to set this up correctly from the beginning, otherwise it is a headache to fix later.

Check out the plugin possibilities here:

If there is not a plugin for what you need then you can connect things with the API Connector as long as there is an API out there that does what you need.

Also, this forum is a huge help. Search for answers here. If there is nothing that matches what you need then post a question and someone will try to help. Be specific with your question and add any images to make it easier for everyone to help you and you will get plenty of help.


Hope that helps! :blush:

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