To easy to delete elements in plugin

Hi everyone…
Is it just me or is it incredibly easy to delete an element in a plugin you’re working on, and there is no way ever to get it back if you have not published any version of the plugin ?
Maybe I’m missing something, but if not I think there should be a warning when the trash icon is clicked or a way to go back just 10 minutes back in time to revert the error…

Oh man. I have several complaints about the plugin builder :sob:

  1. ^^^ this is one of them.

  2. there is no tidy button to “pretty print” your code such as in jsfiddle, codepen, or VS Code.

  3. there is 0 basically code validation, again I think about jsfiddle or vs code letting me know where there is a likely error in my code

  4. search/find is a joke and works like shit between plugin element sections or even if the text I’m searching for is literally only out of view, it won’t be found

  5. the absence of a functional find & replace.

I do a lot of minor plugin updates which is fine for me but confusing for my users. This way if I eff up, I can revert.

Having two copies is also an option. One to edit and one that you copy everything over to and then publish only when it’s ready.

Then you can publish the hell out of your test. Lou without confusing users and always having a copy to revert to.


I write everything VS Code and copy paste into the editor every time I test… Very inconvenient but the built in plugin code editor is just unusable.