Toggle using animated show/hide now working

Hi, I have a mobile button set to Toggle a floating group, it opens on first click and closes on second click. But, if you add an animation, it no longer closes on second click.

The reason is because the animations come in two forms, bounceIn and bounceOut. I need to (somehow) tell the button to perform a bounceOut when the floating group is open.

Does anyone know a way to get this to function correctly?

After much trial and error I have solved this. You don’t have Toggle AND animate, only choose animate.

Then, create a custom state ‘tabOpen’ and when icon clicked make tabOpen ‘NO’. Finally, make a copy of the workflow and set tabOpen ‘YES’.

Hi Darren,

Can you expand further what you did here?

Cheers Mark

It’s been a while and I no longer use this function, but if you tell me what you are trying to achieve I can possible help.

It’s all good, I managed to work it out. Thanks Darren!

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