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Token without sending an email

I’m trying to create a workflow that resets a user’s password without sending them an email. I saw on the reference page that I can make a token without sending an email

How to I retreive the token though in a later workflow? It’s not working to insert it into the “old password” as a result of step 1

You can access it in the dropdown in the next action, after clicking on ‘Insert dynamic data’. See below

But what if I dont want to send a reset email at all?

Then you don’t have an email action… I mean, it’s up to you.

Are you sure you’re looking at the right action? I think you need this

yea I think you’re right. Still getting an error message. Am I missing something?

Context, Im phasing out passwords for my app. I dont want people to have to enter them anymore so I want to give everyone a temporary password when the come through the workflow & then reset it as something standard (that the user will never see)

If a user enters their email & the account already exists, I need to reset the password & then reset it

Why am I getting this error?

You’re gonna have to do two things:

  1. assign a temporary password to a user a save it somewhere so that you can retrieve it based on the user it applies to
  2. use an update credentials action to modify the password, using the random one (that’s why you need to save it in 1) and set it to whatever you want.