Transparent popup is displayed

Please help me to solve next problem:
When a user opens a popup, it displays transparent for some reason.

On my computer, popup is displayed normally:

Popup settings:

Can you please tell me why a user’s popup is displayed incorrectly? Does it depend on the device and browser? The user is using a Macbook on Chrome browser to view the page.

Hi Olga,

I’m using Chrome on a Macbook. If you’re able to make editor / site available to me, I’d be happy to check, help to resolve. Hard to see what the problem is - you setup appears to be correct and, as you’ve shown, strange that the two of you get a different result.

Bit of a shot in the dark… Just in case it’s some kind of z-order problem (with inconsistent results in different browsers), in dev mode you could right click on the popup and send to back, then right click bring to front.

It’s a long shot but all I can think of without seeing it in more detail.


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