TRICK to show text fast when displayed data is changed?

So, I have a popup, and inside there is a repeating group with texts.
When I see the first popup, it takes 2~3 seconds to load everything.

Then, If I close the popup and open another data in this, it takes 2~3 seconds to reload, but while it’s loading, it shows the data from the previous popup, not the actual data

Are there any tricks or conditions to at least not show anything while the new text is being loaded?

I’ve tried “when repeating group is loading”, I’ve tried page load, I’ve tried reseting group, I’ve tried having conditions not visible, I’ve tried making the text with little data… but It seems that bubble loads everything before updating the front-end info.

(ps: after the data is cached, it updates quite fast)

You can clear the data whenever the pop up is closed, or whenever it’s opened, to clear out the previous data.

But if you want the new data to show instantly when the pop up is opened, you’ll need to load it before the pop up is opened… which may or may not be feasible, depending on exactly what you’re doing.

What data are you showing in the pop up?

I’ve tried clearing before closing, before opening, it just shows what was “rendered” previously…
I can’t load it before because it is detail of a “class”, and I don’t know beforehand which class my user will click…
How would you say to clear the data?

Are you sure you’ve cleared the previous data? (If you have, there shouldn’t be anything shown)…

The situation:
My popup data source is a state type “Class”, inside this Class has a list of “Students”…
When opened, I set the state of Class1, and it shows the students’ names and other data on a repeating group
When I close it, and I open Class2, it takes 2~3 seconds still showing Class1’s students.

So, I’ve already tried when closing Class 1:
set state (clear), pause, reset groups (it doesn’t show any students when I do this)

Whenever I open the popup again with Class2, it still shows the student of class 1 for 2~3 seconds

Hi, are you setting states or displaying data in a group?

If you’re using custom states:
“do when popup is closed” with action set state of “class” to empty, no pauses. When I want to open the popup again, I set the state to the class I want.

If you’re using a data source with data type “class” for the popup
“do when popup is closed” with action reset group/popup. When you open the popup again, display the correct class in the popup.

If this doesn’t work, please provide more clarification.

I’ve tried it… it doesn’t seem to work…
I think my problem is the same problem as it runs when we change images, when you change an image it shows the previous image while bubble is rendering the new one… Do you know it?

In each cell there are lots of information, so that’s way it takes 2 seconds ± to load everything, and while it’s being reached and calculated, it shows the previous student… but clearing data group doesn’t seem to do the trick, I think it would be necessary to clear cache, but I have no idea how.

Do you have a link to your app? This shouldn’t be happening - if you clear the previous data then there is no data to show…

It seems as though you’re not clearing the data correctly, but without seeing your app it’s impossible to say for sure what you’re doing wrong.

I can’t send you a link because it’s an “admin’s only” page
I suspect it takes longer because there is a lot of information in each cell, including a search inside the text… I’ve let only the name of each student and it took half a second ± to upload the info

I will send you a video on private

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